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Stage Doors & Panels

This project will build upon earlier projects at The Grange Day Centre, where we discovered that to ensure a meaningful process, professional finish and end product it was necessary to work with artists, who have the right skills and experience of working with elders.

This woodcarving project will be led again by Jill Brewster (Woodcarver) who worked at The Grange last year producing the four Oak carved doors in our entrance She will work again with service users and staff to produce doors and cupboards for their stage in the main hall. This will enable us to offer new and existing service users the opportunity to partake in an exciting and rewarding therapeutic experience.

The installation of the completed work by the woodcarver into the main hall will ensure that the wider community will see the work and participants will feel their work is valued. This will also ensure that there will be a qualitative end product as well as working process.

This project will build upon and increase the skills, self-esteem and confidence already gained by The Grange Day Centre service users. It would be aimed at further challenging service user’s perceptions of their own abilities and to continue to challenge the perceptions of elders’ worth and abilities within the wider community. The staff of the day centre will play a supporting role to the artist and will learn new skills as well as benefit from a more stimulating working environment. This in turn will help their mental and physical well-being.

We have found that the arts successfully bring people together and provide opportunity for individuals to work together towards shared goals and end product. They act as a catalyst for confidence building through the realisation of new skills or improved past and present skills; this ultimately helps maintain independence and fight disuse (both mental and physical) and creates a more improved and active quality of life.

The previous years of activity development at the Centre also provides evidence that the families, friends and carers of the service users also benefit from the increased confidence, raised self-esteem and invigorated morale of the participants.

Supported by:

Healthworks West

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