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Story Telling

The Grange Story
How Does Your Garden Grow?
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Artist: Pascale Konyn

Someone once told me that the best way to climb a mountain is not to look up, in case the scale of the task ahead seems too daunting. So embarking on this project of creating a story with/for such a large number of individuals, it seemed best not to look ahead too much.

The first step was to meet the people from The Grange and see what happened from there.

In a way the process of creating this story seems simple, meeting and talking to people. Finding traditional stories to respond to those first meetings, telling those stories to smaller groups and seeing how the conversation developed. When the story was formed enough, telling it to the people who had inspired it. Waiting for their response, for them to say whether it was true to what they have to tell. The story changes again.

Every time a story is told, it lives again, it can change again. In this instance the story teller acts as a translator. Trying to express stories belonging to so many individuals, in a story shared by the group. In attempting this task something happened, something not so easily described, not so clear to explain……

…..Spending time
meeting and listening
traditional stories
continue the conversation
translating what is heard,
what people have to tell
into a story
describing the essence,
a story is a living thing,
changing, breathing, growing
a living voice of living people
it’s about saying:
these things have made us so far
but we are not finished,
we are

Supported by:

Kellett Fund at Community Foundation and Newcastle City Council Arts Development Team

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