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Artist - Chris Robinson

Over the past five years The Grange has successfully undertaken a series of arts development initiatives. We aim to further develop the personal heritage element through this two year project which we have called Lives On Loan and Reel Histories.

Working in partnership, Tyne and Wear Museums, Newcastle City Council Arts Development Team and The Grange Day Care Centre aim to undertake a two-year initiative to explore local heritage and culture through the Arts using an intergenerational approach celebrating older people’s life experiences and giving them a voice to assist future generation’s learning.

We aim to:

Collect older people’s memories by using TWM object loan boxes to trigger memories through reminiscence sessions. The memories will be captured on audio, visual and written word formats and added to the boxes and archived in the Tyne & Wear Museums collection

Through the use of archived film posters, clients at The Grange will create a film poster based on a significant, life changing moment in their lives. Posters will be made in a specific film genre and an artist illustrator will work with people to capture their stories. Leading to the creation of a video of the stories that the posters are promoting performed by professional actors, with older people as directors recreating their scenes. During rehearsals a photographer will capture the stories as they unfold. These images will be placed onto postcards that will also be placed in the loans boxes, to be archived in the Tyne & Wear Museums collections.

Finally, exhibiting the complete artworks at the Discovery Museum and celebrating and promoting the work achieved by all participants.

Reel Lives on Loan

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Reel Lives on Loan -
Final Evaluation Report

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