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Sharon Bailey has been an artist at The Grange Centre for four years.

She works closely with our elders using photography, video and audio recordings to make artwork that captures their personal histories and celebrates personal experiences.   She involves them as much as possible in this creative process using her computer and scanner to make photographs collaboratively and quickly, sharing the processes with them as they go along.

In 2012 she produced Grange Women’s Stories working with actress and screenwriter Val McLane. The book tells the story of 12 individual women and Michele Wright, Day Centre manager said, “It has been wonderful and very rewarding for our elders to be able to take part in this project which has given them the chance to share a small part of their lives with others.  Their stories being recorded for others to see has raised the self-esteem of participants and made them feel valued. Val and Sharon have helped them make links with women from a different continent and it has been a joy to watch our elder’s enthusiasm for the project. “

This was followed in 2013 by Grange Men’s Stories.  Both books can be purchased directly from the Blurb website.  A series of table-mats have also been produced, using words and pictures from the books, so that our elders can continue to enjoy them each day.

Grange Arts Photography Grange Arts Photography Grange Arts Photography Grange Arts Photography

Grange Men’s Stories

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Grange Women’s Stories

Photograph Album