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Our previous art activities have acted as a catalyst for confidence building and our service users have expressed a need to be stretched even further. Some have undertaken days of abseiling, water sports and other outdoor activities. The renewed confidence and self-esteem of those that took part has been amazing.  We had several people in their nineties who still talk about the day they spent abseiling as the most exciting day of their lives. Being able to partake in stimulating activity ultimately has created a more improved and active quality of life. It also demonstrates the courage of the elders who come here and gives a very positive message about aging. You are never too old to have excitement and challenge in your life.


The staff at The Calvert Trust Kielder provide a challenge to older people by enabling them to undertake activity not usually associated with individuals in later life. The philosophy behind the programme is that by undertaking a major challenge such as abseiling or water sport the participant discovers that age is no barrier to achievement. Participants take part in a number of group exercises designed to increase confidence, motivation and to dispel any misconceptions about ageing.

These images portray days of abseiling and water activities at the Calvert Trust and days exploring activities such as bike riding, archery, canoeing and indoor bowls at Centres in Newcastle for those who could not manage a full day at Kielder. 

Outdoor Activities 2011-12

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