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David Daniels and Nicola Balfour worked with service users on a project earlier this year that involved making flags and recording stories from individuals about  ‘what floats your boat’. The completed work of art was publicly displayed at Newburn riverside festival and viewed by 600 people. It proved to be very rewarding for those who participated and those who experienced the finished work.

It became apparent during the process of gathering the information for this project that people loved sharing their stories and that audio histories of their lives and times would be a wonderful way to share living history with others and help service users celebrate their lives and culture. We intend to have these artists record the stories of peoples lives and times and share them with a wide range of people on the Grange Day Centres website. These dialogues may also be developed to share with primary school children to give them greater insight to times past. History is a part of all our lives and story telling an age-old way of disseminating knowledge.

This project will provide opportunities for elders (many of whom also have disabilities) to experience the arts. The arts successfully bring people together and provide opportunity for individuals to work together towards shared goals and end product. They act as a catalyst for confidence building through the realisation of new skills or improved past and present skills; this ultimately creates a more improved and active quality of life.

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