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Arts For All at

Newcastle Arena and The Discovery Museum

The artwork displayed at the Arena and Discovery Museum consisted of Digital Art produced at The Grange with artist Chris Robinson

The overall aim of the Digital art project was to encourage the Grange Day Centre service users in becoming familiar with all aspects of Digital Arts Media. The project also sought:

To facilitate and empower the elderly in the creative use of digital tools, the laptop, camera, scanner, printer, graphics tablet and the art and design software.

To demonstrate and get service users actively involved in the use of Digital Media in the design and production of personalized printed material.

To establish the use of Digital Media as a service for the Grange users

To build intergenerational links with participating local schools, promoting mutual understand between the young and their elders.

To provide an opportunity for the elderly to contribute to young people’s education.

Self Portraits

A collection of self-portrait dry point prints, made by elders at The Grange Centre using both modern digital technology and traditional hand crafted print making techniques.

Cloth Cushions and Puppets

A collection of cushions which were designed like samplers for family and friends of the elders they were also designed to engage primary school children in learning about the lives of the older generation.

My Story Cards

The story cards were made by elders for the family and friends as a way to celebrate and acknowledge their own lives. People using their own original artwork, family photographs and words illustrated personal histories and memories.

Wood Carving

Images of work produced during a one year Woodcarving residency at The Grange with artists Jill and Lee Brewster were exhibited.

Jill and Lee were commissioned to work with service users to design and make two sets of double doors for the main hall of the Grange Centre. Jill worked with groups engaging them in carving seven panels as practice pieces before they finally produced four beautiful carved solid Oak doors, which are at the entrance to the main hall. These doors make a significant impact on the interior of The Grange and the people who use it.


Individual items of pottery designed and created by service users with Jane Hufton Ceramicist

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