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Digital Stories
with Alex Henry & Annette Poulson

Elders from the Grange Day Centre are making their own personal stories digitally with Alex Henry. These stories are a theme of a public work of art which will be created in ceramics with Annette Poulson and situated on the outside of our building.

Working on projects close to one’s heart strengthens a sense of personal identity and a sense of community. Making visible what one holds in your head through the use of your hands is a creative act that takes hope, courage, concentration, and trust in the support on offer. A successful piece of work confirms those qualities that people may then be able to apply to other areas of their lives.

This two year project has been financially supported by Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

Grange Arts Grange Arts

Flowers from the Ashes
By Irene Drew

Yes! We have no Bananas
By Irene Drew

That's Not the Last You'll See of Him
By Madge Atkinson

The NAAFI Girls
By Rhoda Harris

Little Brown Road
- My Dad and Stargate
By Maureen Gordon

Rock Island Line
Performed by
Paddy Carr

Your Finger Looks Bare
By Joan Philipson

Education, Home and Abroad
By Anne Dimond

I'm Here, I'm Strong
By Ingrid Cameron

Comptometrist Memories by Dorothy Thompson

A Story of Change
By Aileen Hay

Another Education
By Alice Common

Lonnie Donegan
Changed My Life
By Paddy Carr

My Story
By Fran Young

Miss Long Legs of Newburn
By Joan Philipson

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